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DSB is all about pushing the envelope when we brew our beers.  Our ingredients aren’t always traditional, but that’s okay. We prefer it that way, and we think you will too!!

We believe in experimenting in small-batch brews  and as a result,  they're usually not around for very long. We are beginning to create some flagship beers that we will  start to make over and over.
See below for what may be available at the festivals we attend , as well as some of our recurring brews that you're may encounter when you see our tent!
dark divination

This is one of our flagship beers and our version of a Dark Lager. The dryish chocolate notes associated with the use of dark roasted Munich and Chocolate malts and the roundness and crispness of a lager.  This beer is fuller-bodied with a hint of bready sweetness to the palate, a characteristic of the typical Bavarian malts used. 

Alc. 6.3%// IBUs 30
192 Calories, 12 oz serving

blackraspberry red ale.jpg
blood moon Red Ale
This is another flagship brew. Our Blood Moon is a Black Raspberry Red Ale has dark amber color like the blood moon. We used Irish Red Ale malts. It has a fruity raspberry smell that is also a bit floral and the raspberry taste comes through with a tart, light mouthfeel and subtly bitter aftertaste. 

Alc. 6.7% // IBUs 25
215 Calories, 12 oz serving

cinnamon roll stout.jpg
cinna roll stout

This sweet and sticky stout is made with rich vanilla, caramel, chocolate malts, oats and barley along with actual cinnabon rolls, cinnamon and lactose for a sweet and creamy flavor that reminds of the delicious breakfast pastry.

Alc. 5.2% // IBUs 20

225 Calories, 12 oz serving

Sour Me Cheesecake 

This is our take on a blackberry fruited sour. It is brewed with American white wheat, oats, vanilla, blackberry puree, graham crackers and lactose to give it this creamy smooth cheesecake flavor, that tastes like it's topped with blackberries. 

Alc. 8.3% // IBUs 77
200 Calories, 12 oz serving

Pie Gose with everything

This is our version of a key lime pie. With notes of key lime, vanilla, graham crackers and lactose to our Gose to create a liquid version of the popular dessert. 

Alc. 5.5% // IBUs 30
192 Calories, 16 oz serving

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