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Community Supported Brewery

What is it?

The community supported brewery is a one-time investment where you pay up front and get a lot of great benefits. With your shares, you are supporting DSB in becoming a brewery that is not just a brewery, but an actual, integral part of the community.

What’s in it for me?

Upon opening the brewery, we will include things like brewery tours, tastings, special events, beer pairings, growlers, etc. We have developed different levels that outline what benefits correspond to the membership level. Like community supported agriculture, we want to be known as a community supported brewery.

Level 1.  Fog Level-$150

  • 1 Free DSB T-Shirt                                                                   

  • Member-only events

  • 10% Discount on Merch

  • 1 Crowler/month for 6 months (once we open)            

Level 2.  Lamp Lighter Level-$250

  • 1 Free DSB T-shirt

  • 1 Free DSB Glass

  • Member-only events

  • 15% Discount on Merch

  • 1 Growler/month for 6 months (once we open)


Level 3.  Darker Level-$500

  • 1 Free T-shirt

  • 2 Free Glasses

  • 1 Member Brew Day

  • Member-only events

  • 20% Discount on Merch

  • 1 Crowler/month for 1 year (once we open)


Level 4.  Shadow Level -$1,000

  • 1 Free Limited Edition DSB Polo

  • 1 Free DSB Hat

  • Unique Mug with your name on it (to be used/kept at brewery)

  • Member Only events

  • 1 Growler/month for 1 year (once we open)

  • 25% Discount off all Merch

  • 1 Member Brew Day

  • Involved in a “Name a Beer” event.

To Join one of these membership levels, scan the QR code below and purchase via Venmo or contact us via email at

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