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Dark Shadow Brewing Company is a current woman-owned business  that was born during COVID with a family sharing beer with one another over Zoom calls as a means of reconnecting with one another. This rapidly grew into each of them brewing beer with kits at home to making craft beer together in the garage in Nashville, TN. The original concept went through several iterations before it was ready to share with anyone.  Our vision is to be a Community Supported Brewery that is an integral part of  Nashville.


For anyone who has spoken to them, it is clear that Rachel, Jennifer, Keith, and Craig share a vision, passion, and creative spark for the brewing world. They are often able to build simple ideas into something truly incredible. Throughout the early stages, several names, locations, and concepts were considered. In the end though, the desire to focus on family and community was overwhelming. It became clear that the only location Rachel, Jennifer, Keith, Craig, felt truly comfortable with taking on this effort was in Nashville. They want to provide a Brew Pub that is all inclusive, family-friendly, representative of the spirit of Music City, and able to provide much needed food, craft beer and entertainment in the area. 


Dark Shadow Brewing Company is still an idea that is continuously evolving though, and that is what makes it truly special. Creativity is encouraged, everything is questioned, and "no" is rarely an answer that is heard. It is this adventurism that forms the foundation of Dark Shadow and will carry to the forefront of the Nashville community.  

Barley Grains

Team Dark shadow 

Rachel Trisilla is a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, in California. Rachel works currently managing a dental practice but has spent the past 15 years in both the medical and dental fields in management of various specialties. She enjoys the social aspect of what the brewing community has provided and is passionate about craft beer and supporting women in the beer industry. Rachel is a VIP member of the Beer Babes Family (a charity organization) that strives for inclusion and engagement of the global sisterhood which supports one another on and offline. She fights for equality and celebrates all working women in the brewing industry. Rachel wants to bring this passion to Dark Shadow’s Brew Pub.

Jennifer Mangaro participates in developing the business and enhancing the public
image and recognition of Dark Shadow beer. Outside of the brewery, Jennifer holds a master’s degree
from Drexel University (Philadelphia, PA) in simulation education and a bachelor’s degree from Rowan
University (Glassboro, NJ) in Management Information Systems and currently works for a major hospital system in Delaware.

Keith Trisilla is a Chicago native and moved a few times before settling down in beautiful Nashville, TN with his wife Rachel in 2019. Keith currently works in the healthcare field in medical simulation. He discovered craft beer in Nashville and his love for craft beer quickly grew and led him to start brewing as a hobby which rapidly led into a passion for brewing.  His focus, dedication and passion help drive him to brew each batch better than the previous. Thus, with the help of his wife and brothers, they have started Dark Shadow Brewing Company. Keith's vision is to have their brewpub become a place where people know that they can come to have an incredible pint, or two. 

Craig Trisilla is also a Chicago native who turned to the hospitality industry, where he found a career that was stable. The restaurant industry. Craig has worked at places such as TGIFridays, Bennigan’s, Joe's Crab Shack (the original as well as others) Lonestar Steakhouse, Maggiano's Little Italy and most recently Topgolf. Craig hopes to use his vast knowledge of hospitality and management skills, to provide the customer an exemplary experience at Dark Shadow’s Brew Pub.  

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